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S1E26 Allison’s Story

Allison was adopted as a baby, and at 27, she searches for her Birthmom to find out some medical information. When Allison finds her, you won’t believe how her story unfolds! Listen to it on iTunes.

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S1E25 Steve and Kristen’s Story

Adoption from India! Steve and Kristen talk about bringing home a sibling group for India. This beautiful family tells their story and the incredible journey God has brought them through. Listen to it on iTunes.

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S1E24 Brandi Lea’s Story

Brandi Lea adopted her son from Liberia, she cares for 8 children in Uganda and has 2 biological kids! She encourages mothers to be honest and real. If we can be ourselves and choose healing in our lives, then we can help our children heal. Listen to it on iTunes. 

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S1E23 Othello and Joy’s Story

Joy opens up to April Fallon about her struggle through infertility and having three miscarriages. It was 4 years until one day, she got a call about a baby girl. You will love this story! Listen to it on iTunes. 

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