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S2E7 Talking About Trauma with Carrie O’Toole

Do you have questions about PTSD related to adoption? Do you struggle as a parent to understand a child that has experienced early childhood trauma? On this episode of ADOPTION NOW, April Fallon talks with Carrie O’Toole about how to deal with a challenging placement and how to see signs of trauma in the brain.…

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S2E6 Beverly Boerner-Reynolds’ Story

For many of us, when we think of the adoption process, we immediately think about the huge financial cost of going through the process. We might have adopted in the past and are looking to add to our family, or maybe we’re looking to adopt for the first time; either way, the cost can often…

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S2E5 Natalie and Stephen’s Story

Remember how it used to be so embarrassing to tell your friends, family, and acquaintances that you met your significant other online? Well imagine the reaction you’d get to telling them that you’d been matched to a birth family through Facebook. It sounds crazy right? Believe it or not, as the adoption community grows, more…

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S2E4 Annie Peguero’s Story

For over 40 years, all Annie Peguero knew about her birth family was that she was born in Greenville, PA, and that she had Italian blood in her. Although her adoptive family loved and supported her throughout her life, she went through some tough times in her high school years and throughout her 20s, where she felt…

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