About Us

About Adoption Now

Noah and April have 4 adopted children. They have said yes to 7 placements and learned so much about adoption through their journey. They started ADOPTION NOW “Telling Your Adoption Story” to give adoption a voice. ADOPTION NOW is a place to find connection, hope and understanding. Each story highlights a different aspect of adoption and lets the listener hear the true experiences of the joy and challenges of the adoption world.


About The Host

April Fallon has a background in family counseling and lived in Africa for 3 years before she moved back to pursue a career in broadcasting.  She has been in media for over 10 years, working on TV and Radio. She was working for CBS when she started the adoption process and decided to take a leap of faith and start talking about it on her own radio program that has now become the Podcast you hear today. Noah and April had no idea in the process of starting ADOPTION NOW that they would be adopting another baby. They now have AJ, Lily, Vivy, and Maliyah Kate, who just joined the family!

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