Adoptee Stories

S1E17 Silas Hopkins’ Story

Sep 21, 2016

Silas was adopted from Ethiopia as a teenager. He talks about life in the orphanage, his transition to America, and his amazing journey back to his country to find his birth parents. He is the oldest of the 13 Hopkins’ children. Listen to it on iTunes. 

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S1E11 Megan Clark’s Story

Aug 10, 2016

Megan Clark was adopted from Korea at 11 months old. The transition to America was not easy for her. Hear how her parents loved her through that time and how she finally attached. Megan shares how thankful she is that she got a forever family and she gives advice for adoptive parents who are raising…

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S1E10 Aaron and Dominick Wagner

Aug 4, 2016

Two brothers adopted from the foster care system. How they ended up together in the same home is a miracle. Do not miss this interview as they encourage interracial families to stay strong and unified. Both brothers are married now and are talented musicians. Listen to it on iTunes. 

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S1E5 John DeYoung’s Story

Jun 8, 2016

April Fallon talks with John DeYoung about his adoption story! Listen to it on iTunes.

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