Adoption is… Love

Interviewing families for ADOPTION NOW and helping them share their stories has taught me this: Adoptions that are birthed out of love, that include parents who remind their adopted child day after day that they are loved—are among the healthiest of adoptions.

When we say “yes” to adoption, what we want first and foremost is for our children to feel safe and accepted. We want them to know that—though it may have been dark and difficult at times—there was always a silver lining of love.

During a recent interview, Kelene Egan, shared about adoption from a birth mother’s perspective, and how the baby experienced deep love from birth through an open adoption.

Kelene became pregnant when she was a teenager and knew she wasn’t ready to care for a baby. One day, while she was babysitting, the little girl she was watching told her how she wanted a little brother or sister. When the girl spoke these words, Kelene knew she was carrying the baby who would change this family’s life forever.

To listen to this wonderful story, click here and look for the episode entitled, “A Birth Mother’s Journey Through Open Adoption.”

In this episode, Kelene shares how much she loved her baby—and how much love she felt from the adoptive parents. When the baby, Chrissy, was born they started the open adoption journey together.

In an amazing continuation of this story, Chrissy, now 26 years old, joins the show to share from an adoptee’s perspective. Listen as she shares about her relationship with her birth mother, Kelene, and about her close relationship with her adoptive parents.

Both episodes share an emotional story of an open adoption, how love made a way and how God knit them all together.

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A Birth Mother’s Journey Through Open Adoption – June 6, 2018
Open Adoption From The Adoptee’s Perspective – June 13, 2018

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