Adoption Topics

S2E7 Talking About Trauma with Carrie O’Toole

Aug 30, 2017

Do you have questions about PTSD related to adoption? Do you struggle as a parent to understand a child that has experienced early childhood trauma? On this episode of ADOPTION NOW, April Fallon talks with Carrie O’Toole about how to deal with a challenging placement and how to see signs of trauma in the brain.…

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S2E3 Ashley Mitchell – Big Tough Girl

Jul 26, 2017

Ashley Mitchell – Big Tough Girl is a birth mother, past guest on Adoption Now, and founder of Big Tough Girl. What originally started as a blog to help her move through the pain of her own child placement 11 years ago has grown into a community offering support to women struggling with everything from child…

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S2E2 Victor Mitchell

Jul 19, 2017

One of the tools we always encourage adoptive parents to use when they hit the inevitable roadblocks in the adoption process is your local and state representatives. The adoption process varies so much from state to state that it can be hard to know your rights as an adoptive parent. Since starting Adoption Now we…

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S2E1 Nightlight Christian Adoptions

Jul 5, 2017

A bit of a disclaimer before we get into today’s episode. We usually try not to endorse specific agencies on the podcast. We like to allow the families who many have had a particularly great experience with a specific agency to promote them if they want to, but beyond that we want to stay as…

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S1E9 Dr. Jason Richardson

Jul 21, 2016

April Fallon and Dr Jason Richardson begin a discussion around having an interracial family and trying to make sense of everything going on in our world today. Listen to it on iTunes.

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