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ADOPTION IS…, the ADOPTION NOW Blog, is dedicated to telling real stories about adoption. We are connecting and building a community by the power of experience through storytelling.

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Adoption is… a Gift

I’ve been in the adoption world for eight years now, with the past three of them spent interviewing families. Through this journey I’ve learned adoption is a gift. Adoption is a gift of life to babies by birth parents. It’s a gift of parenthood to those who want to become parents. It’s a gift to…

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Adoption is… Love

Interviewing families for ADOPTION NOW and helping them share their stories has taught me this: Adoptions that are birthed out of love, that include parents who remind their adopted child day after day that they are loved—are among the healthiest of adoptions. When we say “yes” to adoption, what we want first and foremost is…

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Adoption is… A Dichotomy

In the plant world, a dichotomy is when one branch splits and continues to grow in two separate directions. It is also a division where the parts, while contrasting and opposite, are still connected as a whole.  Through the journey of adopting our second daughter, we learned first hand about the dichotomy of adoption.

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Adoption is… A Triad

When I became an adoptive mother, I didn’t understand the importance of the adoption triad. I didn’t even know what it was! The adoption triad includes three roles that make adoption possible: The adoptee, the birth parent(s) and the adoptive parent(s). This triangular connection exists even if adoptive parents and birth parents have never met.…

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Adoption is… Letting Go

My husband Noah and I thought our adoption journey would be perfect. It would be easy and exciting. We would meet the birthmother and build a strong relationship. With our plans made and our home study complete we decided to travel until we were matched. They said it would take a few years.

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