Embryo Adoptions

S2E16 Katie and Scott’s Story

We are SO excited to be featuring our first embryo adoption donor family story today on the podcast! Katie and Scott were a bit older when they decided that they wanted children and after researching both fostering and adoption, they were heartbroken and discouraged. After a fateful lunch with a good friend, the idea of…

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S1E38 Chris and Brittany’s Story

April Fallon talks with Brittany about her and her husband’s journey adopting their son Connor. After a very difficult road and months of waiting for finalization, the couple wanted another baby, but could not afford (financially and emotionally) another traditional adoption. Chris and Brittany discovered Embryo Adoption! She is now 6 months pregnant with a…

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S1E28 Marty and Elizabeth’s Story

Marty and Elizabeth chose embryo adoption to expand their family. Another family donated their embryo that was frozen for 18 years! Elizabeth was able to carry the baby full term, and gave birth to Marley in June. Listen to it on iTunes.

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