Fostering to Adoption

S3E11 Foster Care 101

On this episode, April Fallon talks to Heather Clark, who fostered 22 children in 7 years. She gives us tips on how to prepare for the foster care journey and what to expect during the process. She is now a Community Leader for a group called “Friends of Adoptive & Foster Families” at Cherry Hills…

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s2e18 Foster Care and Project 1.27

We are finishing National Adoption Month with this great interview about Foster Care! Meaghan Nally from Nightlight Christian Adoptions and Shelly Radic from Project 1.27 discuss with April Fallon the extreme need for foster families across the USA, and the sense of urgency in Colorado in particular. Meaghan breaks down exactly how the process works…

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S2E8 Andra and Chung’s Story

One of the realities we face as adoptive parents is the fact that as a result of the situations our adopted children came from (often situations that created the need for adoption in the first place), there are often developmental challenges that they, and we along with them, must work through. Today on ADOPTION NOW,…

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S1E31 Brian and Season’s Story

Adopting through the foster care system can seem scary but as Brian and Season tell their story we learn that having an agency can be a big help. They got a call about this little girl who was born at 27 weeks and doctors thought she may be blind, deaf and not able to walk.…

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S1E15 Jenny and Jeremiah’s Story

Jenny and Jeremiah talk openly about their REAL struggles in unifying the family with April Fallon on Adoption Now. Do you have an adopted child that you struggle to connect with? Their story will help you understand that you are not alone. Listen to it on iTunes.

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