Domestic Adoption


S1E36 Jessica and Scott’s Story

Feb 22, 2017

Jessica shares Scott and her journey through several failed adoptions, bringing home their first baby Ty, their plan to try embryo adoption, and the phone call that brought baby number two! Listen to it on iTunes. 

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S1E35 Jessica’s Story

Feb 15, 2017

Jessica shares her journey to adopt as a single woman. She always knew she wanted to be a mother, but had no idea the process would be so challenging! Two years ago, Jessica was matched to an expectant birthmother in Florida. She shares what she went through to bring home baby Maryn. Listen to it…

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S1E34 Kids for Kyla – The Mayeda Story

Feb 7, 2017

Kim shares their journey through infertility and becoming pregnant. She opens up about giving birth to their daughter, a full term baby, that only stayed with them for 6 days. She talks about her struggle with deep grief and their journey into adoption. In the year they lost their daughter, Kyla, they also had 2…

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S1E32 Robyn and Andy’s Story

Jan 11, 2017

This week we have an adoption story from Oklahoma!! This family lived in Zambia, had 4 biological sons and then adopted a little Zambian boy. They share their journey back to the U.S. and their experience in foster care and domestic adoption. This story is for anyone who has been disappointed in God. Andy and…

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S1E30 Brooke’s Story

Dec 28, 2016

Brooke adopted her son at Denny’s (yes Denny’s) and her youngest daughter 6 years later. Both adoptions were under $8,000, so she decided to start Fuller Arms Adoption Education. She educates adoptive parents on how to find their birth mother without an agency. Listen to it on iTunes. 

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S1E23 Othello and Joy’s Story

Nov 2, 2016

Joy opens up to April Fallon about her struggle through infertility and having three miscarriages. It was 4 years until one day, she got a call about a baby girl. You will love this story! Listen to it on iTunes. 

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S1E21 Nathan and Shannon’s Story

Oct 19, 2016

Nathan and Shannon share their story with Adoption Now. Listen to it on iTunes. 

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S1E14 Noah and April’s Story

Aug 31, 2016

Noah and April share their adoption stories and why they started Adoption Now.  Listen to it on iTunes. 

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S1E12 Joseph and Laura Adopting Baby Eva

Aug 17, 2016

Bringing home baby Eva was not an easy process, though this was a designated adoption, the birth mother had an unexpected visit from the birth father in the hospital that threatened the placement. Hear these adoptive parents speak about how God led them to love the birth mother first, then be the best parents to…

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S1E3 Lily and Vivy Finalized!

May 31, 2016

April Fallon shares the story of finalizing Lily, going through a second disrupted adoption, and adopting Vivy. Listen to it on iTunes. 

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