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S4E2 What NOT TO SAY to Adoptive Parents…and how to get it right

Aug 30, 2018

April Fallon shares a story that happened a few weeks ago. You would be surprised at what people stop and say to her family. Education on adoption and foster care is so important. This podcast helps us understand how to address strange questions we get as adoptive families, and also the right way to approach…


Aug 22, 2018

On this podcast, April Fallon, the host of ADOPTION NOW, shares an update from the summer and talks about what is to come with this podcast.   Listen on iTunes  

S3E17 Open Adoption from the Adoptees Perspective

Jun 18, 2018

Last episode, we had Kelene on the show, who is a birth mother that made an adoption plan 26 years ago. That little baby girl, named Chrissy, was born early and was only 3 pounds. Kelene and the adoptive parents worked together to love this little baby and today she joins the show! This is…

S3E16 A Birth Mother’s Journey Through Open Adoption

Jun 13, 2018

Kelene is a birth mother who placed her baby 26 years ago with a family she babysat for down the street. She had an open adoption with her daughter, Chrissy, and this week she shares what it was like to have a daughter she knows and sees but is not raising. This episode helps us…

S3E15 Self Care for Adoptive Parents Part 2

May 31, 2018

Chris Prange-Morgan wrote an article that was published in the Huffington Post on “Trauma” after she and her husband adopted two kids from China. She suffered from PTSD after bringing home their son who had severe medical needs and attachment issues. She started to rock climb to relieve stress. One day, overwhelmed with all that…

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Noah and April have 4 adopted children. They have said yes to 7 placements and learned so much about adoption through their journey. They started ADOPTION NOW “Telling Your Adoption Story” to give adoption a voice. ADOPTION NOW is a place to find connection, hope and understanding. Learn more.

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