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S4E6 Cherie Burton. Birth Mother and Adoptive Mother.

Oct 23, 2018

On this episode, Cherie Burton shares her story as a birth mother in an open adoption and an adoptive mother. She is an author, international speaker, and former Mrs. Utah.

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S4E5 James and Noell Blevins’ Story Update!

Oct 4, 2018

Noell Blevins shares an encouraging update about their oldest adopted son’s attachment issue, and how he is doing after being placed in a different home.

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S4E4 Adoption From Nigeria

Oct 4, 2018

When Shane and Beth got married, Shane did not want children. They got pregnant unexpectedly and that changed everything. After baby Allen’s 1st birthday the couple decided to go on an adoption journey to Nigeria, Africa. On this episode, Beth takes us through all the challenges and blessings they experienced bringing sweet Ruth home…then Beth…

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S4E3 I Call You Mine

Sep 6, 2018

Kim de Blecourt is an award-winning author, international speaker and Executive Director of Nourished Hearts, a non-profit serving orphaned and vulnerable children. Kim and her husband Jahn adopted their son from Ukraine and told their story on ADOPTION NOW in 2016. She has just written a 6 week study called “I Call You Mine-Embracing God’s…

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S4E2 What NOT TO SAY to Adoptive Parents…and how to get it right

Aug 30, 2018

April Fallon shares a story that happened a few weeks ago. You would be surprised at what people stop and say to her family. Education on adoption and foster care is so important. This podcast helps us understand how to address strange questions we get as adoptive families, and also the right way to approach…

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