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S3E1 Starting Adoption Now

Feb 1, 2018

April Fallon, the Host of ADOPTION NOW, opens up with her husband about the journey of adoption they have been on. Adoption has changed their lives. They talk about the joy and challenges that have brought them closer in their marriage and increased their faith. This season they are on a new station in Denver,…

s2e19 Maliyah Kate’s Story

Dec 11, 2017

When the host of ADOPTION NOW, April Fallon, started this show she had no idea that she would be in the middle of an adoption while interviewing other families on this topic. When she and her husband got a call about a biological sibling to their youngest daughter, the journey began. It was not easy…

s2e18 Foster Care and Project 1.27

Dec 4, 2017

We are finishing National Adoption Month with this great interview about Foster Care! Meaghan Nally from Nightlight Christian Adoptions and Shelly Radic from Project 1.27 discuss with April Fallon the extreme need for foster families across the USA, and the sense of urgency in Colorado in particular. Meaghan breaks down exactly how the process works…


Nov 28, 2017

Today is the day to help support ADOPTION NOW “Telling Your Adoption Story!” To make your dollars double you must donate through Facebook, click the link below and donate on our Facebook page. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have partnered with us to match you dollar for dollar. It takes ADOPTION NOW $20,000 a year…

s2e17 Charis Boon Johnson’s Story

Nov 24, 2017

If you were with us last week, you heard Katie and Scott’s story about being embryo donors. Today we have a story about an adoptive family that has 3 beautiful children, 2 from traditional adoption and one through embryo adoption. Charis and her husband battled for years with infertility, and tried everything including IVF, IUI…

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Noah and April have 4 adopted children. They have said yes to 7 placements and learned so much about adoption through their journey. They started ADOPTION NOW “Telling Your Adoption Story” to give adoption a voice. ADOPTION NOW is a place to find connection, hope and understanding. Learn more.

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