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S2E13 Sara Berry’s Story

Oct 20, 2017

Sara and her husband were parents to 5 beautiful children when their faith lead them on a path that resulted in the adoption of two children from China. From the start they knew that both children had disabilities but their immediate love for them, made the decision easy, even if the process wasn’t always. Sally…

S2E12 Angela Rushing’s Story

Oct 14, 2017

Angela Rushing shares her story of how she was brought up in a traumatic household with an alcoholic father and passive aggressive mother, and how this situation ultimately led her to feel unwanted and unnurtured. Before she knew it, she had undergone 2 abortions, and when she found herself pregnant once more, she knew she…

S2E11 Erik Weihenmayer’s Story

Oct 7, 2017

There are few more challenging achievements that the average person looks up to more than summiting Mt. Everest. Now imagine doing it blind. That’s what today’s guest Erik Weihenmayer did, becoming the first blind man to do so, along with summiting the rest of the Seven Summits, and kayaking the entire 277 miles of the…

S2E10 The Lucky Few – Heather Avis

Sep 28, 2017

Heather Avis and her husband are parents of three adopted children, two of whom have Down Syndrome. At the start of their adoption journey, they set out to adopt a healthy baby, but after meeting their future daughter Macy, a baby girl with both Down Syndrome and a congenital heart defect that would require surgery…

S2E9 Renee’s Adoption Story from China and Guatemala

Sep 21, 2017

Today on the podcast, we are so excited to feature Renee Hettich’s story of her experience adopting 4 children internationally. One of her children is from Guatemala, and three of them are from China, our first Chinese adoption story on the podcast! Renee shares how none of the four adoptions went exactly according to plan,…

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