S2E1 Nightlight Christian Adoptions

A bit of a disclaimer before we get into today’s episode. We usually try not to endorse specific agencies on the podcast. We like to allow the families who many have had a particularly great experience with a specific agency to promote them if they want to, but beyond that we want to stay as nonpartisan as possible.

With that said, April Fallon has personally had a really great experience with Nightlight Christian Adoptions, and wanted to have them on to talk about how they were able to come through for her and her family, and the services they offer.

We learned about Nightlight from two of our past guest families on the podcast, Marty & Elizabeth, and Brian & Season. When the adoption agency that April was working with closed down in the middle of adopting their daughter’s biological sister, she got in touch with Nightlight and they have been so gracious and helpful, taking on her case and expediting it to fit into the 2-week deadline to adopt baby Maliyah.

Corie & Meaghan join us from Nightlight to talk about how to find an adoption agency that is a good fit for your family, the different programs they offer, and what you can expect in terms of cost for the different options. We also get deep into a number of other issues surrounding the adoption process.

In this episode we discuss:
*The benefits of going with an agency vs the state
*What to look for in an adoption agency
*The costs of the different programs Nightlight offers
*Some misconceptions about what agencies or the state are looking for in a home study
*How embryo adoption really works, and where most people get it wrong
*The importance of being educated on open adoption, and why it’s necessary for the benefit of all parties involved

Links we mentioned:
Nightlight Christian Adoptions https://www.nightlight.org/
Contact Nightlight at: info@nightlight.org
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