S2E15 Kitty Ravert’s Story


We often hear the stories of adoptees, birth mothers, and adoptive parents on this podcast, but it is very rare to find ALL THREE in one person! Today’s guest, Kitty, however has experienced the triad of adoption and today she walks us through the struggles, heartbreak, and happiness she has felt in each of the roles.
Kitty Ravert was adopted as a baby into a loving home, she placed a baby in her early 20’s and later her and her husband adopted an African American son to join their 4 biological kids. She has found her birth parents, she found her biological son and has an open adoption with her son’s biological family. This is a must listen to podcast as she is uniquely positioned to speak to every aspect of adoption with the clarity and grace that we all wish we could possess during the difficult and wonderful times that we experience throughout the adoption process.

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In this episode:
*How to know when the time is right to reach out to your birth parents
*How to process your emotions in the months following the relinquishing of your child
*Why kindness and compassion towards a birth mother can significantly change your life for the better
*The importance of having a therapist there from the beginning when meeting your birth child
*Advice for those who were adopted, those that are birth mothers, and those who are adoptive parents
To reach out to Kitty you can email April Fallon at April@Adoption-Now.com

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