S4E15 The Gift of Adoption

In our last episode we were joined by an incredible birth mother, Laura, who shared her beautiful story of honesty and open communication in her adoption experience.

In this episode, we are joined by the adoptive parents, Jen and Alan, as well as my husband Noah, to get their side of the story on this seemingly perfect adoption.

After finding each other through love at first sight, Jen and Alan tried to get pregnant through IVF before deciding that adoption was right for them. Once Laura selected them as her adoptive parents, they worked together to create a healthy and open relationship.

In “The Gift of Adoption,” Jen and Alan are telling us about the research that went into finding their birth mother, what their first ‘perfect date’ was really like with Laura and Jerome, and how their story was “meant to be.”

Every adoption story is different, and Jen and Alan are proof of that. Their journey is filled with hope, positivity and lots of love.

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